About Me

painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt,and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen. (leonardo da vinci)

Artist / Oil-Painter


Born in France in 1998  Ethan made his way to Israel with his family in 2008.
Experiencing difficulties to adapt to his new culture and to his new life, Ethan found refuge in painting, in order to overcome his feelingss. Soon, this becomes a passion and a fulfillment of a dream and the first steps, as an artist in his unique way, in the world of art.

At the age of 9, Ethan started to paint and by the age of 14, Ethan has done his first exhibition in gallery tinas , a private gallery, in ein hod, the artistic village in Israel.

His school supported him and by the age of 19, Ethan has made several exhibitions: at the theatre of Jerusalem, at yes planet, at yemin horde, ein hod Village and also espace10 in Jerusalem .
Due to his young age,
Ethan, at the beginning of his career, already acquired many fans around the world, whose unique style and way of expression found a path to their hearts.

Ethan’s paintings are expressive and characterized by bold colors
he paints in large formats, focusing on facial expressions as a kind of mirror and reflection of the soul. his painting captures the viewer’s eyes with the magic of color and the dazzling dance of brushes on the canvas.


In July 2017 I was asked to write a text on the basis of the question – why do you paint it? A banal question, but the answer brings up very interesting historical and philosophical points, and I think the answer is at the end of the question and its the question mark. Is there a need for an answer that is supposed to explain the free interpretation of art? In addition, the artist has no ownership of his work, every viewer and listener is allowed to speak with complete freedom about the work or to interpret it as the way he thinks because we must live according to our abilities. It is absurd to think that the opinion of the artist is more correct than the opinion of the critic. Our views, especially when it comes to free interpretation, are dominated by our daily lives, such as religion, culture, and the color that surrounds us in our daily lives. All this creates a look that is only ours. I will finish with a sentence by Gregory Sokolov: “Music is not a profession, this life commentary is not a work of 10 minutes or a few days or a month but is the product of everything in life”.